Stocznia Gdańska

These images are the result of a long-term project in the Gdańsks’ shipyard. A place full of history and nest of most changings in late 20th Century.

The article was published in the Spanish newspaper La Vanguardia. For the full report in English, follow this link.

One of the entrances to the shipyard
View from the attic of the European Solidarity Centre (ESC)
View of the shipyard from nearby buildings
View of the sea exit at the shipyard
Broken windows and interior of one of the old buildings of the shipyard, now unused
A girl poses with the leader Lech Wałesa and the Solidarity logo in front of the ESC
Cultural and artistic proposals at the Gdansk shipyard
View of the sea exit at the shipyard
Citizens of Gdansk signing a memorial book on the occasion of the anniversary
From left to right, the flag of Pomerania, Solidarity, Poland, Gdansk and the EU
Inside the Gdansk shipyard
Citizens of Gdansk entering a venue with concerts during the Festival of Freedom and Solidarity
Gdansk shipyard view from Gdansk Stocznia train station
The ESC, inside
View of the shipyard from the ESC
Main entrance to the Gdansk Shipyard

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