‘Sei wer du willst’
Apparently harmless fun, but with a bitter side that is the same as always
(February 2023)
Human Condition
Instants of human connection, of friendships in construction
(October, 2021)
Strajk Kobiet
Latest protests against Poland’s new abortion laws in the city of Gdansk
(October, 2020)
‘Stand with Ukraine’
People take the streets to show their solidarity with Ukraine
(February 2022)
What does it mean to be a ‘Brusseler’?
(February-August 2021) ⁠
Gdansk in times of a pandemic
Places where the mundane has popped up in an uncanny way that we did not foresee
(March, April, May 2020) ⁠
Reflections in the streets of Bonn
Capturing the moments that make us what we are?
(October – Ongoing 2021)
Gdansk, white and cold
Snowfall in the city of Gdansk, Poland (February, 2021)

Amid the pandemic lockdown, nothing is what appears to be
(May, 2020)
U-boat Hall
From a war warehouse to an artistic oasis (February, 2020)

When night arrives…
…it turns objects and scenes into something unique, real, pure and mysterious
(December, 2019)

Dzien Kobiet
A visual glimpse of the Women’s Day in Gdansk and where Polish woman stand now
(March, 2020)
Stocznia Gdańska
A place full of history and nest of most changings in late 20th Century (June, 2016)
Published also in La Vanguardia
Now, 14 years later
(October, 2018)

The feminist strike takes the lead
“If we stop, the world stops“
(March, 2018)

Poles urge to democracy
Is that the final step of turning the country away from democracy?
(July, 2018)
Black October
The attempt for many Catalans to vote
(October, 2017).

A forgotten area with a new lease of life
(September, 2018).
Published also in La Vanguardia
Breslavia, el milagro económico
(July, 2019)
Published also in La Vanguardia

The Odra’s Gate
From this railway station between 1941-1944, the German Nazi regime deported over 7,000 Jews
(October, 2018)

Amsterdam, in a concert
Black and white scenes
(August, 2015)
Seminarians of the 21st Century
Long-term project about the future of the Church (April-July, 2016)
Published also in La Vanguardia
Przedmieście Oławskie’s Revitalization Challenge
Formerly Known As The Bermuda Triangle, The Neighbourhood Faces A Complete Paint Job
(May, 2019)

Reflecting on the word “travel”
The 5th edition of the Documentary Photography Festival of Barcelona
(October, 2017)
Escola Nova 21
L’escola romandrà inalterable si no canvia el rol del mestre en la societat
(April, 2017)

Who has the right to strike?
Support or not a strike should be a right, not an imposition
(March, 2016)

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