Nadodrze, a forgotten area with a new lease of life

These images are the result of a long-term project of the neighbourhood called Nadodrze, located north side of the city of Wrocław (Poland). This area, historically highly valued, had been severely damaged with the passage of time due to lack of investment, maintenance of its buildings and projects which could address other social issues. The deterioration of this zone was evident, visually as well as in its inhabitants, with serious problems of marginalisation, poverty and high crime rate. The arrival of new millennium pushed the Local Council, jointly with EU funds, to attend the needs of Nadodrze’s residents. Although the neighbourhood lacks of full restoration, some steps have been made to encourage citizens in the process and give hope this area can achieve a new lease of life.

These photographs show a personal view of Nadodrze squares, courtyards, facades, streets and its people, today. The depiction of a neighbourhood unveiled by a wave of tolerance and ready to become the new cultural meeting point of Wrocław.

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The story behind Nadodrze’s Railway Station

Nadodrze 16
Nadodrze 5
Nadodrze 1
Nadodrze 7
Nadodrze 19
Nadodrze 9
Nadodrze 6
Nadodrze 12
Nadodrze 2
Nadodrze 3
Nadodrze 8
Nadodrze 10
Nadodrze 18
Nadodrze 52
Nadodrze 15
Nadodrze 22
Nadodrze 37
Nadodrze 20
Nadodrze 13
Nadodrze 21
Nadodrze 32
Nadodrze 24
Nadodrze 28
Nadodrze 43
Nadodrze 25
Nadodrze 40
Nadodrze 29
Nadodrze 33
Nadodrze 35
Nadodrze 34
Nadodrze 36
Nadodrze 38
Nadodrze 41
Nadodrze 45
Nadodrze 47
Nadodrze 49
Nadodrze 54
Nadodrze 70
Nadodrze 63
Nadodrze 57
Nadodrze 75
Nadodrze 68
Nadodrze 17

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