Seminarians in the 21st Century

This was my first long-term project focused on photojournalism. I decided to discover how seminarians live in the 21st Century in a huge and crowded city like Barcelona. How are they, how the face normal issues of young people and how do they see their own future and the future of the Church.

Report published in La Vanguardia

2a. Jardines Seminario Mayor.
Gardens of the Major Seminary of Barcelona. Barcelona, 2016.
11a. Jóvenes del Interdiocesano jugando a futbol en la pista de Els Jesuïtes de Casp
Young seminarians playing soccer on a track at a nearby school. Barcelona, 2016.
1a. Adrià, Íñigo y Santi. Seminari Interdiocesano
Adrià, Íñigo and Santi, Three of the thirty students of the Interdiocesan Seminary. Barcelona, 2016.
4a. Diego y dos seminaristas del Seminario Mayor antes de salir a hacer deporte
Three of the seminarians before going out to run. Barcelona, 2016.
13. Detalle del símbolo característico del Seminario Conciliar de Barcelona
Emblem of the Seminarian. Barcelona, 2016.
10a. Toni enseña una sotana típica que llevan durante el rezo de la noche y en algunas celebraciones
Toni teaches a typical cassock worn during prayer at night and in some celebrations. Barcelona, 2016.
15. Vista de la torre del Seminario Conciliar de Barcelona
View of the top of the Major Seminary, located in the middle of Barcelona. Barcelona, 2016.

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