Gdańsk, city of freedom, solidarity and now also of concord

Just a few minutes from the city centre of Gdańsk, the railway megaphone announces the following station – Następny przystanek – next stop, it says with a somewhat distorted voice. The rattling of the lemon and navy blue convoy of these high-speed trains between cities on Poland’s Baltic coast – or SKM for short –Continue reading “Gdańsk, city of freedom, solidarity and now also of concord”

Breslavia, el milagro económico

La tasa de desempleo de la ciudad ha disminuido hasta el 1,9% en 10 años Google, HP o Volvo son algunas de las empresas internacionales instaladas en la capital de la Baja Silesia Muchos jóvenes decidimos emigrar en busca de nuevas oportunidades, de un trabajo que permita independizarnos y crecer personal y profesionalmente. En elContinue reading “Breslavia, el milagro económico”

Przedmieście Oławskie And The Challenge Of Revitalization

Formerly Known As The Bermuda Triangle, The Neighbourhood Faces A Complete Paint Job The New Municipality Of Wroclaw Imposed Recently That Some Of The Initiatives Must Remain Detained In The Process Of Being Reassessed. Following the wave of changes that are occurring in the city of Wroclaw, we will cross the river Odra, left fromContinue reading “Przedmieście Oławskie And The Challenge Of Revitalization”