Dzien kobiet or how Gdansk marched on Woman’s Day

Back in 2005, few groups of people gathered for the first time in the centre of the city bathed by the Baltic Sea. This year, Manifa Trojmiasti (Tri-City) passed through the streets of Gdansk on the 110th anniversary of International Women’s Day, with nearly 200 people expressing their opposition to the destruction of the EarthContinue reading “Dzien kobiet or how Gdansk marched on Woman’s Day”

Gdańsk, city of freedom, solidarity and now also of concord

Just a few minutes from the city centre of Gdańsk, the railway megaphone announces the following station – Następny przystanek – next stop, it says with a somewhat distorted voice. The rattling of the lemon and navy blue convoy of these high-speed trains between cities on Poland’s Baltic coast – or SKM for short –Continue reading “Gdańsk, city of freedom, solidarity and now also of concord”

Reclaiming lost rights

The leaders of CCOO and UGT in Catalonia threaten to call for a general strike whether the future government does not abolish current labor reform The flags wave triumphant waiting for the starting signal to lead the masses towards the corner of Ronda de Sant Pere. Unemployed, pensioners, young people, trade unionists and various supporters’Continue reading “Reclaiming lost rights”