Ensenyament garanteix que Escola 21 lideri la innovació pedagògica

El passat 4 d’abril de 2017, la Comissió d’Ensenyament de la Generalitat es reunia al Parlament de Catalunya per enllestir la discussió sobre la proposta d’innovació educativa d’Escola Nova 21. L’acte, però, es va convertir més aviat en una supeditació dels membres de la cambra cap als impulsors del projecte, presents a la sessió. Sembla queContinue reading “Ensenyament garanteix que Escola 21 lideri la innovació pedagògica”

Reclaiming lost rights

The leaders of CCOO and UGT in Catalonia threaten to call for a general strike whether the future government does not abolish current labor reform The flags wave triumphant waiting for the starting signal to lead the masses towards the corner of Ronda de Sant Pere. Unemployed, pensioners, young people, trade unionists and various supporters’Continue reading “Reclaiming lost rights”

Who has the right to strike?

Support or not a strike should be a right, a choice that each of us takes in a personal way, and not an imposition. However, in the 21st century there are people who still do not understand that do not claim rights in the same way does not mean that we do not support theContinue reading “Who has the right to strike?”

Rotterdam, the dutch Chicago

So much has been said about this fascinating city, so much about their skyscrapers and sunsets along the Maas river. A city which it does not seem Dutch at all. Walking through its crowded streets in Beurs’ neighbourhood or enjoying the views from the Euromast, one could realize that Rotterdam has something different, something which featuresContinue reading “Rotterdam, the dutch Chicago”